What the hell happened with DigitYser


DigitYser was the Digital Innovation Hub of Brussels between 2017 and 2020. It was a public/private/community initiative where the Region of Brussels offered the initial financial boost, Sofina offered the impressive Art Deco / Modernist 2000m2 building and the AI & DataScience community offered their energy to organise more than a thousand events and trainings.

In spring 2020, when it became obvious that Covid was not an ordinary flue the decision was made to hand over the building to another initiative called CAPITAL vzw – a ‘one-stop-source’ where our talented youth can go to create a clear perspective on their future headed by the talented Hassan Al Hilou.

The digital innovation environment is today welcome at Becentral, the digital campus located in Brussels’ central station. Artificial Intelligence enthusiast can fall back on AI4Belgium the grassroot community that enable Belgian people and organizations to capture the opportunities of AI while facilitating the ongoing transition responsibly.

The team of DigitYSer is now focussing on a new project – moving away from High Tech into Low Tech – called Green Getaway. Our ambition is to help people and companies to travel in a more sustainable way. The main question we work on is:

What if you could change the world simply by changing the way you travel?

We welcome volunteers to develop this new project with us. 

  • We will need people on the road to help classical B&B locations transform their business into a greener offering and to map out nice journeys visiting these different sites.
  • We need people in the office to help with the animation of the community of neo-travellers
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