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Here is the link to a very a nice article from Earth Changers.

Never before 2020 have 100% of destinations been closed simultaneously. This has decimated not only 80% of the market (OECD) but community livelihoods and conservation funding worldwide. The World Travel & Tourism Council anticipates a 2020 53% drop in worldwide tourism jobs (174.4 million) and GDP ($4,711 billion).

Tourism was already dealing with crises: Climate Change and Biodiversity Loss. Now there’s Covid and a subsequent Recession on top. These all impact the sustainability triple bottom line, which is tourism’s capital – people, planet, profit.

The industry will bounce back in time, but it likely won’t be the same, in supply or demand.

2020 had the biggest impact we’ve seen on travel, ever. In 2021 as a result we’re expecting to see sustainable tourism develop in a number of ways:

1. Growth of the Ethical Consumer

2. Increased Awareness of The Climate Crisis & COP 26

3. Advance in The Sustainable Development Goals by Travel

4. Progressively Green Government Policy

5. Industry Demand for Resilience

6. Growth in Greenwashing

7. Rise of Certification

8. Upsurge in Consumer Demands for Responsible Tourism

9. More Purpose in Tourism

10. Growing Wellness

11. Increase in Consumer Demand for Sustainable Tourism

12. Regenerative Travel Blossoms

13. An Appreciated Value of Sustainable Tourism

14. Backing for Sustainable Tourism

Published by Philippe Van Impe / Le meunier de Mazerolles

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